Barry Fleisher Photography, San Mateo, CA.

Barry E. Fleisher

San Mateo, CA

[email protected]

Photography Resume


I became interested in photography a number of years ago – in the days before digital – and switched to digital in more recent years.  Currently, I use a Panasonic GH3 with Panasonic lenses.

Initially, I thought I’d concentrate on landscapes.  Over the years, my interests have broadened to include cityscapes, night photography, people in their natural environments, travel, and children at play.  I have also created suites of photographs using infrared, pinhole, and zone plate technology.  Current projects include street and construction site photography.


After my retirement, I decided to pursue digital photography and have studied at local colleges. My style has developed through my use of composition, lighting, and photo editing.


I have participated in workshops sponsored by National Geographic, the Mentor Series, and by working with photographers both in the States and abroad.


  • February, 2014  The Peninsula Art Institute group show- The Song Inside My Head
  • May, 2014          Avenue 25 Gallery group show- The Glass House
  • July, 2014          Caldwell Gallery group show- Luminous Essays
  • Spring, 2015       Packard Children’s Hospital on-going display of LPCH Construction Photography