Barry E. Fleisher, M.D.

San Mateo, CA

[email protected]


Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital (LPCH) Construction Photography

I am a retired Stanford Medical School faculty physician and had a productive career as a member of the medical staff at LPCH. By way of additional background, my family – father, brother, and uncle – had a long history in the construction industry.  

My close connections with Stanford and LPCH, my ties to the building industry, and the aesthetic of black and white photography have made it possible for me to use photography as art and offer a unique and meaningful perspective on the construction of the new Packard Children’ Hospital.

I have been taking photos at the LPCH construction site on a weekly basis since March 2014.  Much of the work was done before sunrise or in the early morning to optimize the effects of both artificial and natural light on the structure. I work directly with the contractors and photograph from various vantage points around the site as well as inside the building.  To date, the series documents progress on the building and provides a window into some of the details of the construction process including installation of rebar and forms, erection of steel, welding, and cement pours.   

It has been exciting to watch the building go up and to be able to capture the process and details.  I’ve been struck by the amount of difficult and sometimes dangerous manual labor involved.  Most of all, I’ve enjoyed photographing – and am filled with admiration for – the workers. I’m continually impressed by their skill, energy, dignity, and humor.  I hope this body of work captures some of that spirit.